Concerned Mom Speaks Out After She Said She Witnessed Man Pull Daughter by the Hair Through Walmart

"I want this girl to know it's not okay for anybody to pull you by your hair, especially the people you're supposed to be safe with," Erika Burch said.

Harrowing images of a man apparently dragging his young daughter by the hair through a Texas Walmart are being circulated around the internet as one concerned mother has spoken out.

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"Somebody had to stand up for her," Erika Burch of Cleveland told "She can't stand up for herself. Whatever he's doing, big or small, if I'm there, I'm going to stop and say something."

Burch posted a series of images on Facebook Monday of what appeared to be a man pushing a shopping cart with his daughter's hair wrapped around the handle of the buggy.

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"She was hunched over, her knees are bent," Burch told "She's saying 'Please stop, I won't do it again.' She's saying it slow like she knows not to say it loud, because she's going to get in trouble."

According to some parents who claim they know the girl, she may even have autism.

Burch, who has four children under 7 years old herself, said she didn't hesitate to intervene.

She said she began arguing with the man in the photograph, as an employee brought out tissues for the young girl to dry her tears.

When she called the cops, Cleveland Police Department's Sergeant Bartley responded to the scene.

"The Cleveland Police Department has received numerous calls in regards to a child having her hair pulled last night at Cleveland Wal-Mart," the Cleveland Police Department wrote on Facebook Tuesday.

According to the post, the police department is continuing their investigation into the case alongside child protective services.

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The Cleveland Police Department has not responded to's request for further comment.

"I want this little girl to know it's not okay for anybody to pull you by your hair," Burch told, "especially the people you're supposed to be safe with. I want her to know that people do care about her."

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