Terrifying Act of Bullying Caught On Tape

INSIDE EDITION reports on another horrific case of bullying. A group of teens videotaped their assault on a younger boy and then left him hanging on a fence by his coat.

A terrified 13-year-old boy was bullied and intimidated by seven youths, until a moment of utter humiliation as he was left hanging on an iron fence. The video is causing outrage across America.

The victim, Nadin Khoury, took INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent to the scene of the shocking assault in the Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby.

Khoury was dragged by his heels through the snow and ice while the demeaning scene was shot with a cell phone. He was actually stuffed into the branches of a tree. In the video, you can see him fall to the sidewalk, sobbing. Khoury tries to run away but the heartless gang chased him down, and the bullying begins again.

"I'm begging you!" sobs Khoury.

Police have arrested seven classmates of Khoury and the community and the nation are left stunned by a vicious act of cruelty.

Choury says he is not afraid to go back to school.