Cops Say They Found PCP in SUV of Police Shooting Victim, Family Calls It 'Red Herring'

The family is saying that even if PCP was discovered, that does not justify his shooting death.

Cops say the drug PCP was found inside the car of the Oklahoma man fatally shot by a police officer Friday.

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Tulsa police Sgt. Dave Walker told the Tulsa World, that officers discovered a vile of PCP inside Terence Crutcher’s SUV.

But it is not yet clear whether he was under the influence of the drug when he was shot Friday night. Toxicology and autopsy reports are still pending.

A lawyer representing Officer Betty Shelby, who fired the fatal shot on Crutcher, believes the man was high on PCP at the time of the shooting.

Benjamin Crump, an attorney representing the Crutcher family, told the reporters Tuesday afternoon: “Let us not be throwing a red herring, and to say because something was found in the car that was justification to shoot him.”

Shelby's attorney said Crutcher was not following the officers' commands and that Shelby was concerned because he kept reaching for his pocket as if he was carrying a weapon.

"He has his hands up and is facing the car and looks at Shelby, and his left hand goes through the car window, and that's when she fired her shot," he told the Tulsa World newspaper.

Police say that the 40-year-old was reaching into the driver window of his vehicle for a weapon. Crutcher was unarmed and had his hands on his car after cops drew their weapons on him.

Crump, who also represented the family of Trayvon Martin, said Crutcher had his driver’s side window rolled up and that his blood is visible on the glass.

The incident was captured on police dash cam as well as a police helicopter.

In the police helicopter video, one of the men in the chopper can be heard saying: “That looks like a bad dude, too.”

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Tiffany Crutcher is the dead man's twin sister. She spoke at a news conference Monday, saying: “That 'big, bad dude' was a father. That 'big, bad dude' was a son. That 'big, bad dude' was enrolled at Tulsa Community College. That 'big, bad dude' loved God. That 'big, bad dude' was singing with all of his flaws every week."

In the wake of the shooting, Hillary Clinton tweeted: “This should be intolerable. We have so much work to do.”

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