'We Want to Play': 4 Arrested After Creepy Clown Threats Force School Lockdown

It's one of many clown incidents that have been reported across the country.

Four teens have been arrested after a disturbing photo of a clown brandishing a bloody knife was posted on Facebook with a threat to Alabama school students.

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The picture was posted on a Facebook page called “Flomo Klown” along with messages telling school students: “We want to play,” “See you at school,” and “It's going down tonight!,” which featured gun emojis.

Two Alabama schools were on lockdown earlier in the week due to the threats.

On Tuesday, Geneva police arrested four juveniles in connection to the online clown prank targeting schools and students. They were charged with making terrorist threats and were removed from school temporarily. They were later released into the custody of their parents.

It's the latest in a spate of incidents across America in which creepy clowns are terrifying communities.

Earlier this month, a man in North Carolina was arrested for allegedly lying to police about clown sightings at his home.

Clown sightings have been reported in other parts of the state, including Fayetteville, Winston-Salem, High Point and Greensboro.

Clowns have also been reported trying to lure children into the woods in Greenville, South Carolina. None of the reports have been substantiated.

In Georgia this month, Bibb County sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of multiple people dressed up as clowns, chasing kids at a school bus stop. The terrified children said the clowns wore full makeup and carried fake knives, along with what were described as flashlights or laser pointer-type devices.

No one was arrested in connection with the clowns in Georgia. 

Now, professional clowns say the reports are deeply upsetting and hurting their business.

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One clown, "Roger," told Inside Edition: “It does make our job a little harder and it does make winning over audiences a bit more challenging.”

Tricia Manuel, who runs a clown school in Minnesota, says professional clowns want to make folks laugh and it's never their intent to scare people.

"It's not funny but we're left to pick up the pieces," she said.

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