Putting His Neck on the Line: Giraffe Gets Frisky on Live TV With Reporter

It is a report this journalist will never forget.

One giraffe got a little too close for comfort with one reporter doing a live report in the middle of a zoo.

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Reporter Ashley Jacobs of CBS-8 in San Diego, California, got quite a licking from the friendly 9-month-old giraffe with quite a wandering head.

She was doing a report in the San Diego Zoo Tuesday when the animal made his way over to her and began showing his affection.

Her colleagues back in the studio couldn’t help but laugh at the situation and joked around with the reporter as she was trying to distract the giraffe.

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“She’s married,” said the male anchor of the network.

The giraffe licked her from head to toe and then licked his lips in front of the camera when he was done.

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