The Grand Goldblum Hotel: Guest Requests Pics of 'Jurassic Park' Star in Room, Gets Them

The guest's girlfriend loves the 'Independence Day' actor.

When one Oregon man went to California for a friend’s wedding, he made a special request to the front desk of the hotel – he wanted Jeff Goldblum photos in his room.

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When Seth Freedland and his girlfriend, Amy, checked into the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica over the weekend, they saw a collection of framed photos of the Jurassic Park actor around the room.

“Even though I knew the frames would be there, it was still somehow shocking. You can't help but laugh, it's just such a surreal thing to see. And then of course I was just following Amy's reaction, which was everything you could hope for,” he told

He says that the Independence Day star holds a special place in his girlfriend’s heart as he is her celebrity crush.

“After the laughter died down a bit, she grabbed the shirtless Goldblum photo and made a thunderstruck face,” he said.

Freedland says Norton, the concierge, asked if there was anything else he would need during his stay, he came up with the idea of the Goldblum pictures.

“When I explained my plan to him, I did so pretty apologetically because I thought he might tell me it was overly strange. Instead his response was, ‘Sounds like fun!’ and asked how many frames I wanted. We settled on three -- felt like the right amount of Goldblum,” Freedland recalled.

Freedland’s newfound attention has not altered his spirt, saying: “The whole "everyone will be famous for 15 minutes" thing gets a bad rap. When it's your turn, and you did something nice, it turns out it's actually pretty fun! You get a bunch of texts, the story kills every time. It's great!”

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He also joked: “That said, I'm quitting my job tomorrow to start making appearances in shopping malls.”

If he could do it again, the only change they might make would be "replacing the photo of Amy making that exhilarated, shocked grimace after having traveled all day with a photo that shows her normal photogenic smile.”

Freedland told that his favorite Goldblum flick is The Big Chill, while Amy’s is Independence Day and cites a specific scene where her crush on the 63-year-old actor began.

“When he and Will Smith are victoriously walking away from the smoking wreckage in the desert, smoking cigars and laughing as their women jump into their arms. If this whole thing has an origin point, it's that single scene,” he claims.

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