What Is the Strange Noise Plaguing This Town?

The mystery in Windsor, Canada, has been freaking out residents.

The mysterious noise that has many around the world baffled has now spread to Windsor, Canada.

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It sounds like a trumpet and the bizarre noise is being called both a real-life X-Files and “The Windsor Hum.”

Sometimes it lasts for hours, and sometimes just a few minutes. Experts believe the source of the ghostly noise could be an American steel plant, situated across the Detroit River on Zug Island.

Windsor is a city with 210,000 people.

The high-pitched sound has been recorded in Oregon earlier this year, in Michigan in 2013, in Finland in 2013 and British Columbia last year.

Community activist Mike Provost and Gary Grosse say they're at a loss what to do about the noise in Windsor.

“It never stops! And when it comes in it comes really hard, it shakes windows, rattles dishes, makes pictures go crooked on the wall,” Provost told Inside Edition.

Grosse added: “your bed starts shaking, the floor start vibrating."

Provost asked his friend: "Do you think they know where it's at?"

“That’s part of the frustration. It goes away and then it comes back,” Grosse answered.

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The noise in the city of Windsor is not new. It has reportedly been plaguing residents for years.

In 2013, Colin Novak of the University of Windsor studied “The Windsor Hum” for the Canadian government to determine what and where it was coming from.

He told The Guardian in June, that the research was “like chasing a ghost.”

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