Charlotte Protests Get Nasty as Video Shows Man Being Dragged Along the Ground

Videos showed horrific assaults during the riots.

The nation is in shock after the violent scenes from Charlotte during Wednesday night’s unrest following the fatal police shooting of an area black man by police.

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In one video posted to social media, a man was kicked and dragged along in a parking garage.

Photographer Lenard Bennett posted a Facebook video Thursday morning of the incident. In the video, a man is knocked to the ground by a group of men and then pulled across the garage floor by a relentless mob.

The victim has his pants pulled off during the melee; his head is also kicked in multiple times.

Looters also broke into a CVS and protested outside hotels, including the Marriott in downtown Charlotte. The Marriott was under lockdown and only registered guests were allowed in.

A man was shot outside the Omni Hotel, and is currently in critical condition. The shooting was recorded by former Inside Edition correspondent Paul Boyd, now an investigative reporter with WSOC in Charlotte.

“This was potentially a fatal gunshot wound to the head,” Boyd told Inside Edition. “This individual is on life support right now. It was a scary couple of moments in the city of Charlotte.”

A CNN reporter was sent flying as he broadcast live. During his report, he was body checked to the ground by a protester.

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Charlotte's police chief, Kerr Putney, was asked at a press conference Thursday what motorists should do if they feel threatened by protesters.

He replied: “Stay in your car, lock the doors, help is on the way.”

It was the second-straight night of protests, which came after the shooting of 43-year-old father of seven Keith Lamont by a police officer. Lamont was shot after he got out of his vehicle. The police say he was holding a gun and they repeatedly told him to put down his weapon. Lamont’s family claims he did not have a weapon and was holding a book.

The cop who shot him was identified as Officer Brentley Vinson. He was in plain clothes during the time of the shooting and therefore not wearing a body camera. He has been placed on administrative leave.

Vinson joined the police academy in July 2014. In December, he was assigned to the city’s metro division.

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