Woman Shares Her Story in Battle Against Seal Clubbing: 'We're Against a Very Big Opponent'

"We're against the government of Canada, and the fur industry which is very powerful," Canadian activist Sheryl Fink said.

The battle against seal clubbing is not over in parts of Canada, but this woman has led the way for change.

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Canadian animal activist Sheryl Fink documents her efforts with the International Fund for Animal Welfare against seal clubbing in the Discovery Channel's Huntwatch.

"We're against a very big opponent," Fink said. "We're against the government of Canada, and the fur industry, which is very powerful."

In harrowing footage shot from a helicopter, a sole bearded seal can be seen scooting off the ice and back into freezing water, in a desperate attempt to escape the hunter who approaches menacingly.

"They're a really easy target for these hunters," Fink said. "Probably about 3 or 4 weeks old."

Moments later, the hunter swings his club at the seal, and the scene cuts out.

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According to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, quotas for on the number of seals hunted per year are set in an attempt to regulate the seal hunt.

Huntwatch premieres Thursday, September 22, exclusively on Discovery Channel.

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