Hair Mettle: Nelson Twins Take to Facebook Live After Plane Scare

The twins' father, Rickey Nelson, died in a plane crash in 1985.

The sons of former teen idol Ricky Nelson received a scare in the air that was way too close to home.

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Twins Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, 49, who lost their father to a plane crash in 1985, were on a plane themselves when the tire to their jet blew out.

“My thought was not again,” Gunnar told Inside Edition.

The twins, who formed their own band, Nelson, took to Facebook Live Monday night, broadcasting their ordeal for their fans.

“We just blew a tire on takeoff,” Gunnar said. “This was hairy, some pretty scary stuff!”

The plane was en route from Los Angeles to Nashville when the tire blew.

“We had to circle for about an hour and a half to come in for a landing,” Gunnar said in the video.

In the past, the brothers have had trouble in the air before. Matthew told Inside Edition that they were once on a 747 jet and it "dropped like a stone" from the air after it lost power. Luckily, they were able to land and walked away unscathed. 

The blond rockers, best known for their 1990 hit “Can't Live Without Your Love And Affection,” say that despite past incidents, they don't have any hesitations about flying.

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“Every time I get on a plane I say a prayer and I think about my pop,” Matthew said.

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