Disturbing Video by Keith Scott's Wife Shows the Moments Before He Was Shot: 'He Better Live!'

Keith Scott's wife can be heard pleading with her husband and officers before the deadly shots were fired.

Harrowing video of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, was released Friday afternoon, depicting the man's desperate wife — who recorded the video — pleading with officers not to fire.

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In the video, obtained by NBC, cops repeatedly command him to "drop the gun" as the 43-year-old father of seven got out of his car Tuesday afternoon.

This video contains violent and graphic language and footage. Viewer discretion is advised. 

The desperate voice of his wife, Rakeyia, can be heard in the video as she tells officers: "Don’t you shoot him. He does not have a weapon. He didn’t do anything."

She urges her husband to get out of the car and suddenly, shots are fired.

"He better not be f***ing dead, he better not be f***ing dead," Rakeyia screams at officers before repeating, “he better live, he better live!"

As she runs toward the shots, she sees her husband's body, surrounded by cops. 

The 2-minute,12-second video ends with his wife saying: “They better call an ambulance.”

Police claim Scott was holding a gun, saying he posed “an imminent, deadly threat.”

His family claims he did not have a weapon and was holding a book.

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The officers are said to have all worn body cameras, however, the footage from the cameras has not been released to the public. Rakeyia Scott’s footage is the first that has been released from the shooting.

It remains unclear what preceded the shooting which lead to three nights of protests and unrest in the city.

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