Charter School Teacher Allegedly Beat Up Student over Drug Money: Cops

A teacher was charged with assault and robbery after a drug dispute with a student.

A Bronx charter school teacher was arrested Friday after allegedly assaulting a student over drug money, police said.

Kevin Pope, 48, has been charged with assault and robbery after police said he beat up the student during a drug dispute over $4,000.

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Pope approached the teen, whose name wasn’t released, Wednesday afternoon and demanded money the teen owed him for weed the teacher allegedly sold him but the student never paid for, according to a police report.

“He came from behind him and slammed him into a brick a wall, knocked him down, and punched him again,” a police source told

Pope, a science teacher at John V. Lindsay Wildcat Charter School, then allegedly took the student’s wallet, gold chain, and cell phone, according to police.

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The student, who attends the school, reportedly needed surgical staples due to a gash on his head from the encounter.

A judge reportedly issued an order of protection requiring Pope to stay away from the victim.

Police said Pope was still in jail as of Saturday morning.

The school nor Pope's attorney, Japel Filiaci, could be reached for comment.

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