Teenager Charged after Toddler is Captured on Video with Weed in Hand

An Arkansas teenager was charged after allegedly smoking weed with a toddler.

An Arkansas teenager was arrested after allegedly urging a three-year-old boy to smoke weed in an incident that was captured on video, Arkansas police said.

Lamel Yancy, 17, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after he posted the video to his Facebook page, according to police.

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A YouTube user later posted the video to the site.

According to reports, police found the video while investigators were scouring social media accounts for suspects in an unrelated burglary case.

The video shows the young toddler being handed the drug and seemingly smoking it while sitting unbuckled in the back seat of a vehicle.

Yancy can be heard in the video asking the child, “You want to hit the blunt? You want to hit the gas?”

The toddler, who is shirtless and in a diaper, replies “Yeah.”

The baby then says, “Weed!” in excitement. Later on in the video you can hear him coughing.

Police told Arkansas online that the child's mother at one point entered the back seat of the vehicle, objecting to Lamel handing the suspected marijuana to child.

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Yancy has since been released from Pulaski County Jail on a bond of $2,500

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