The Manhunt is Over: Man who Allegedly Killed 5 at a Washington Mall Caught by Police

Arcan Cetin has been charged with five counts of murder after a 24-hour manhunt.

The man who police said shot and killed five people inside of a Washington mall has been captured and charged with five counts of first degree murder, according to police.

Arcan Cetin, 20, was arrested Saturday night after police deployed several search teams in a 24-hour manhunt for the suspect, police said.

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According to Lt. Mike Hawley of the Island County Sheriff's Office, he was in his patrol car when he saw Cetin walking near his own residence in Oak Harbor, Washington.

“I saw an individual walking northbound on the sidewalk and I instantly recognized that it was the person I just viewed on my computer,” said Hawley. “I did an abrupt U-turn, hit my lights, (and) pulled my gun.”

Cetin reportedly froze when Hawley jumped out of his vehicle. He did not run and appeared “zombie-like” during the arrest, according to Hawley.  

A motive for the shooting is still unknown as police continue their investigation.

Police said they believed Cetin fled in a car and identified his vehicle by matching information received from a tip and surveillance footage from a local business.

"We're only about a couple hours from taking him into custody, and the next stage right now is to do those interviews and learn more from him, if he's willing to share that with us," said Mount Vernon police Lt. Chris Cammock in a press conference.

Cammock was part of the multi-agency task force assigned to the case.

Police said Friday that there was no indication of terrorism.

Cetin emigrated from Turkey, according to police, and is a legal permanent resident of the United States.

Cetin is accused of opening fire at a Macy’s store inside of Cascade Mall in Burlington, an hour from Seattle, and using a long hunting rifle to kill four women and one man. The attack was reportedly caught on mall security cameras.

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Police told the community to stay inside and safe during their manhunt.

At a press conference after Cetin's capture, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee praised law enforcement for their work and said, "Our hearts are in Burlington tonight.”

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