Bloodied Baby Donkey Attacked by Animal Makes Full Recovery Under Mom's Watchful Eye

"Without emergency rescue, this almost surely would have ended in tragedy," the rescue organization said.

This baby donkey should have died after suffering deep wounds from an animal attack, but thanks to rescuers, she lives to hee-haw another day.

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Little Genevieve, a baby donkey in India, suffered more than a dozen bite wounds after being attacked by a wild animal.

Locals covered her in turmeric powder to stop the bleeding as they waited for rescuers to arrive. And her concerned mother continued to keep a watchful eye on her.

A rescue team from Animal Aid Unlimited soon arrived to transport little Genevieve to their facilities, but when they noticed her mother hanging around, worried her baby was being taken away, volunteers decided to bring her along, too.

"Now mama seemed to know that we were helping her baby," the organization wrote as the mother donkey watched rescuers clean off little Genevieve's wounds.

Finally, after Animal Aid Unlimited nursed the baby donkey back to health, she could be seen skipping around with her mom, and nuzzling up to volunteers who helped her.

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"Without emergency rescue, this almost surely would have ended in tragedy," Animal Aid Unlimited wrote. "But little Genevieve survived and thrived."

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