Man Found 100 Miles Offshore After More Than Week Spent Lost At Sea, Mother Still Missing

Nathan Carman was found eight days after he and his mother failed to make it back from a fishing trip.

A 22-year-old Connecticut man lost at sea for more than a week after setting out on a fishing trip with his mother has been found alive, two days after the search for the pair was called off.

Linda Carman, 54, of Middletown, and her son, Nathan Carman, vanished after the pair set out from Point Judith, Rhode Island September 17 in their 32-foot aluminum center console boat, authorities said.

After receiving a report that the pair didn’t make it back to shore Sunday, officials began combing the area for any signs of the 22-year-old man or his mother, who often went on fishing trips together.

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Coast Guard crews from numerous stations, including Point Judith and Cape Cod, searched the waters near Montauk, New York, and Block Island, but after five days and “exhausting all efforts,” the search was called off on Friday.

Two days later, a freighter crew found Nathan Carman alive in a life raft about 100 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. He had been out to sea for eight days.

The young man, who has Asperger’s syndrome, appeared to be in good condition and had food and water inside the boat, officials said. He is expected to be dropped off on land on Tuesday.

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Nathan Carman, who lives in Vermont, reportedly told authorities the boat took on water and capsized, but it was not immediately clear why his mother was not in the life raft.

Her whereabouts or condition was not immediately known.

Nathan Carman was the subject of a 2011 multistate search when he unexpectedly left town, according to the Hartford Courant.

Four days later the then 17-year-old boy was reportedly found at a vacant store in Virginia. He told authorities that he was looking for a safe place to sleep on his way to Florida.

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