Reporter Reveals Alarming Medical Mystery: 'It Looks Like I Have Twins'

Doctors cannot yet explain what is causing Jim Moret's waistline to expand so suddenly.

An Inside Edition correspondent is living through a medical mystery — Jim Moret’s stomach is ballooning and doctors don't know why.

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“My stomach looks like I’m pregnant. It looks like I have twins. My 34-inch waist is gone,” he said.

He currently wears a 42-inch waistline, holding 8 inches of bloat.

Moret's ordeal began when unbearable stomach pains sent him to the hospital two months ago. Doctors inserted a tube down his nose and into his stomach in an attempt to relieve the agonizing pressure.

They determined Moret had some sort of a blockage that required surgery. Two weeks later, he was back in the hospital for yet another test.

He swallowed a camera pill, which is about the size of a giant vitamin for doctors to get a look inside his stomach, intestines and colon. Moret left the office with leads attached to his body, where the camera would transmit data onto a recorder for doctors.

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The camera revealed that he needs more tests, leaving doctors confused and baffled as to what's wrong.

One good thing to come from all the tests was the discovery of Moret's high blood pressure, which he is currently taking care of.

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