Not Much of a Diplomat: Prince George Refuses to High-Five Canadian Prime Minister

The future king of England's foreign policy needs a lot of work.

During a meet and greet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a cranky Prince George refused to give the world leader a high five.

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Following a 10-hour flight from Great Britain to Canada, the Canadian Prime Minister wanted to give the 3-year-old a high five and a handshake but the little prince was apparently not having it.

The boy’s mother, Duchess Catherine, stepped in, going eye-level with Prince George in a recognized parenting technique called “active listening.”

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Parenting writer Lyss Stern told Inside Edition: "There is no yelling, there is no screaming, there is no talking down. You are looking at each other and the child gets to hear the mom or dad clearly when they are on the same level." 

Prince William and his family will be in Canada for eight days on a state visit.

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