Grandparents Reunited After 8 Months of Living in Different Nursing Homes

The elderly couple broke hearts around social media last month after a photo of them in tears was posted to Facebook.

This elderly couple, married for 62 years, are sharing a kiss to celebrate their reunion after nearly a year of living in separate healthcare facilities due to "backlogs and delays," the family said.

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Wolfram Gottschalk of Canada has joined his wife Anita at the same healthcare facility after eight months of living in separate homes.

"It's great now because my grandmother doesn't need our assistance to see him," their granddaughter, Ashley Bartyik told "She can just walk down the hallway. She spends a lot of time with him."

The elderly couple broke hearts around social media last month after Bartyik, 29, posted a picture to Facebook of the couple in tears.

Bartyik said her grandparents were placed in healthcare facilities in British Columbia that were about a 40-minute drive from each other.

Although members of her family took turns picking them up so they could visit each other, Bartyik said: "It was a real struggle on my family."

In addition, Bartiyik had left her job to help out.

"They were just really desperate to see each other all the time," she said. "Their personality changed a lot. Their happiness was gone except when we would go visit them. Of course, their health deteriorated."

The family also worried that because Wolfram has dementia, they would also soon forget each other.

Months after negotiations with Fraser Health, the organization behind her grandparents' healthcare, Bartyik announced the good news on Facebook that Wolfram and Anita would once again be able to live under the same roof.

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Even though Bartyik said she was happy her grandparents were reunited, she hopes to continue advocating for other elderly couples who have found themselves in the same position as Wolfram and Anita.

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