Photographer Who Got Nailed in Face With Football Speaks Out: 'I'm The Real-Life Marcia Brady'

Ashley Ward put her arms out to catch the ball, instead got pegged in the face.

An Auburn University athletics photographer is now calling herself “the real-life Marcia Brady.”

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That's because Ashley Ward — also with hair of gold — took a pigskin to the face during Saturday's game, just like the events of a now-infamous Brady Bunch episode.

She spoke to Inside Edition following Saturday’s game against LSU, where she was on the sidelines photographing her team before the unfortunate incident.

“I think I was so embarrassed and so in shock that it didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel anything,” she said.

During a kickoff during the game, she was in her usual spot just behind the end zone, as the ball sailed through the air following a kick off. Realizing the ball was heading right for her, she put her arms out to try and catch it.

But the ball instead went through her hands and drilled her in the face.

“I really underestimated it, it is a lot harder than it looks,” she admitted.

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The stadium collectively gasped as she collapsed to the ground. She then erupted in laughter, assuring the crowd she was find, aside from a bruised ego.

“My face was red, it wasn’t puffy but you can tell I was hit. A couple inches to the right and it would have broken my nose,” she said.

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