Teen Fighting Rare Brain Disease Crowned Homecoming King: 'It Means the World to Him'

A teenager battling a brain disease was voted into the homecoming court, and he won.

It was one teenager’s time to shine when he won homecoming king at his Pennsylvania high school – a special honor for a boy battling a rare brain disorder.

Adam Recke, 17, who has Type C Niemann-Pick, a fatal neurodegenerative disorder, was nominated into the homecoming court by a student body vote. On Saturday night, he took home the crown.

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Adam's mom, Amy, said they were surprised when Sean's nurses came home and told them he was nominated. He's known some of the kids in his senior class since kindergarten.

"I would never have expected it," Amy told InsideEdition.com. "It was very unselfish and classy of his entire senior class."

On the night he was crowned king, Amy said Adam didn't know what to do with himself. 

"He was really excited and he was looking forward to the weekend. He didn't care if he won or not," said Amy. "You should have heard the kids, they were cheering his name and I was crying. Adam was tearing up too. It was overwhelming."

Amy said that as a mom, she just wanted to hug all of the kids, and the school's principal commended the class for their actions. 

“Adam is a great kid in our school. I'm really impressed with our student body... how they recognized the need to recognize Adam,” said Principal Mike LaPorta.

LaPorta said that in spite of Adam’s health struggles, he’s still diligent in his school attendance.

Recke reportedly can’t metabolize cholesterol and other lipids in his body, which causes them to build up in his liver, spleen and brain at toxic levels that destroy the cells controlling mobility and cognition.

“Being a young man with obviously significant physical challenges, he doesn't miss class a lot. He's here as much as he possibly can,” said LaPorta.

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Adam’s father, Sean Recke, wrote on Facebook that he is proud that Adam continues his fight against his disease.

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