Rescued Pup Acts as Guide Dog for Blind Friend at Shelter: 'They Truly Are a Bonded Pair'

"[Daisy] is always checking to see where River is, and how River is coming along. They walk side by side, if Daisy is not leading," the SPCA said.

This Jack Russell terrier and collie pair are inseparable in the months since they were rescued from the same home, having relied on each other in their tumultuous past.

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Daisy, the 6-year-old collie, and Jack Russell terrier River, also 6, were handed over during an animal cruelty investigation, according to Gillian Kocher from the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia.

When the pair arrived at the rescue in June, Kocher said, Daisy had a deep, antibiotic-resistant wound on her back, while River was mostly blind.

But the pair shared a unique relationship that helped them survive their past.

Because River is blind, Daisy watches over her like a guide dog.

"[Daisy] has those watchful eyes," Kocher told "She's always checking to see where River is, and how River is coming along. They walk side-by-side, if Daisy is not leading."

In turn, because of Daisy's deep injuries, River acts as her comfort dog.

"River lays on top of Daisy," she said. "River is very tiny. It reminds me almost like a cat laying on a dog. They sleep together."

Kocher said the pair were briefly separated when Daisy was in surgery, and "they both stopped eating."

But once the dogs were placed in the same cage, their joyful demeanor and appetites returned almost instantly.

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Now, as River and Daisy are only days away from being well enough to go to a loving family, the SPCA is looking forward to sending them off to a forever home together.

"They truly are a bonded pair," Kocher said.

To donate to River and Daisy's care, visit the SPCA's medical fund.

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