Four Newborn Kittens Rescued From Back of Laundromat Dryer After They're Separated From Momma Cat

A cat-astrophe was avoided.

They were crying their little hearts out, and a bit matted and scared, but otherwise they were just fine.

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Four ginger-colored kittens somehow became stuck in the bowels of a clothes dryer inside a London dry cleaners. Rescuers from the Celia Hammond Animal Trust were called by the concerned owner, who could hear mewing but couldn't reach the tiny critters.

The animal workers believe the mother cat gave birth behind the machine. She was found outside the store, and it was unclear how the mom and her litter were separated. 

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After some "intensive care" and a little cleaning up, the brood was reunited with momma, the organization's director, Celia Hammond, told the BBC. The now-happy animals are being cared for in a foster home.

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