Close Call! Man Drops Diamond Ring While Popping the Question at Yankees Game

Man's proposal at a Yankees game nearly goes wrong when the ring is dropped.

A prospective groom nearly struck out when a proposal to his girlfriend went awry live on the Yankee Stadium Jumbotron as he dropped the ring.

Andrew Fox popped the big question in front of thousands as the Yankees took on the Boston Red Sox. On one knee, he opened the ring box for the life-changing moment — but the ring popped out.

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“Well the message appeared on the screen and I told her to look at the screen and as soon as I opened the ring box it just popped out,” Fox recalled.

He told Inside Edition: "I just dropped the ring and maybe lost it in front of everyone and I started crying."

As fans sitting around the couple helped out, TV and radio announcers turned their attention from the game to the search for the ring, and a look of extreme anxiety spread across Fox's face.

"I’m trying to open up the ring box and instantly the ring just fell out.  We didn't see where it went it happened so quickly. Everyone around us was frantically searching with us,” he said. “We're looking in food boxes, on the ground around us, anything that it could have fallen into.”  

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That’s when Fox’s girlfriend, Heather Terwilliger, realized the ring was in the cuff of her jeans.

Fox is safe at home this time. She said yes, and the dramatic proposal ended with a kiss.

She told Inside Edition: "I said yes, and he quickly put it on my finger. I'm like, let me help you with that."

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