Lindsay Lohan Accused of Pilfering Pricey Necklace

Lindsay Lohan is at the center of a police investigation into the theft of a $2,500 necklace, which she denies stealing. INSIDE EDITION has more.

There is more drama surrounding Lindsay Lohan. The starlet has been accused of swiping a necklace worth $2,500.

Lohan is now being investigated by Los Angeles police for allegedly stealing the pricey "one-of-a-kind" necklace while at a jewelry shop in Venice Beach. Lohan had recently moved to the area.  

A storeowner told the LAPD that Lohan went into their jewelry store Kamofie & Company and tried on the necklace, and apparently kept it on as she walked out of the store.

The allegedly stolen necklace is described as gold with semi-precious stones. Lohan was spotted wearing it three days ago while shopping with friends. When storeowners saw photographs online, they immediately contacted police.  

A judge issued a search warrant of Lohan's residence, but before police arrived, a friend of Lohan's brought the missing necklace to a local police precinct.

This is not the first time Lohan has been accused of theft.   

Ivy League graduate Masha Markova says Lohan lifted her $12,000 mink coat while they were clubbing together in New York City. The actress denied taking the coat, but three weeks after it disappeared, Markova's coat was returned.

And model Lauren Hastings says the Mean Girls star stole thousands of dollars of clothes right out of her closet during a party

"I have two closets, a lot of the stuff was missing out of one and then the next closet was almost completely empty," Hastings told INSIDE EDITION. The police declined to prosecute the case, saying there was not enough evidence.

And now, once again, Lohan is accused of having a case of sticky fingers and the LAPD is expected to hand the case over to the DA soon.