Donald Trump Repeats Claim He 'Was Holding Back' on Hillary Clinton During Debates

The GOP presidential pick is also touting a CBS poll that says he won the debate, but such a poll does not exist.

Donald Trump is continuing to lash out on Hillary Clinton, saying he held back on attacks against his Democratic rival at the presidential debate earlier this week.

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At a rally in the battleground state of Florida, he also criticized debate moderator Lester Holt by calling him the "MC" — master of ceremonies.

“The MC was arguing with me, taking up the time,” Trump said in the town of Melbourne.

He added: “For 90 minutes I watched her very carefully and I was also holding back. I didn't want to do anything that embarrassed her. For 90 minutes, she argued against change, while I called for dramatic change. We have to have dramatic change."

Trump is claiming he won the debate, citing online polls that are not considered reliable.

He also said the results of a CBS poll showed he won the debate. However, the company never polled anyone about the outcome of the debate.

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CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett tweeted:

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert mocked Trump’s poll response on The Late Show.

The comedian said: “What are the odds? The one poll you win doesn’t exist. Just because it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you didn’t win it. He is doing very well in Narnia.”

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