Teen Asked to Change When He Dresses as a Slave for School's 'Decades Day'

Texas high school senior Brian Ibe was told to remove his costume's blood and chains because people were "uncomfortable."

A black Texas teen who showed up to his high school "decades day" dressed as a slave Tuesday says he was asked to change or face possible suspension. 

Brian Ibe, a senior at Ridge Point High School in Missouri City, wore chains and bloody clothes and carried a bag of cotton to the homecoming week celebration to make a statement about black American ancestors.

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Despite its historic inspiration, administrators were not pleased with the costume.

"I was inspired to dress as a slave for 'Decades Day' at my school to not only be different, but to remember important history that some of my very own ancestors went through," Ibe, 18, told InsideEdition.com. "Decades day is one of the dress up days for our homecoming spirit week. We have option to pick any decade we would like represent and should be able to do it freely."

Ibe said he begrudgingly changed out of his costume because he feared being suspended but that it was a shame because he wore it to educate fellow students about the history of blacks in America.

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However, he told Inside Edition that he wasn't causing a distraction and was even applauded by his classmates for his outfit.

"My classmates saw nothing wrong with my outfit and were confused on why I had to change. There was not one person who had negative thoughts about my outfit in fact there was many rants all over social media and in person. I was not making fun of slavery as I personally can relate to it so heavily," he said.

Ibe said his messaged is being censored.

"This is history and it’s so important. We can't just shut it out," he said.

Without addressing Ibe specifically, a spokesperson for the school district defended in a statement to KPRC the school's right to enforce its dress code, even during a costume day.

"If a student is dressed inappropriately, and/or if their dress is considered a distraction to the learning environment, they will and have been asked to change clothes. In the last couple of days, less than a dozen students have been asked to change or modify their clothing.

"Ridge Point High School is encouraging students to express their school spirit this week, while adhering to the dress code. It is important that the campus maintain a distraction-free learning environment," the spokesperson said.

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