Piglet Born With 2 Legs Is Beating All the Odds: 'He Thinks He's Like All the Other Pigs'

Miracle the pig wasn't expected to live, but he is thriving despite having just two legs.

This little piggy is staying true to his name – "Miracle."

The 1-month old pig, who was born without his hind legs, was not expected to survive after his birth, but now he’s beating the odds and thriving.

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“Usually pigs will reject their babies internally when something is wrong with one,” said Ari Smith, Miracle’s owner, who breeds pigs for a living. “I didn’t think he was going to live.”

Miracle was born in the same sack as another pig, which is how Smith thinks the defect occurred.

That’s not stopping Miracle though.

“He thinks he’s like all the other pigs,” Smith told InsideEdition.com “He’ll walk on his two legs and use his face to keep his balance.”

Miracle also holds his own among his brothers and sisters, even pushing the other pigs off his mother’s nipple so he can get a drink.

“I knew right then what a fighter he was,” Smith said.

HandicappedPets.com is making a prototype wheelchair they plan to donate to Miracle. The company is working on mini-sized wheelchair for pets less than 8 pounds, and while they are not yet ready to roll it out, they knew Miracle needs the help.

“Miracle needs it so she doesn’t do damage to herself,” said Lisa Murray, who works for HandicappedPets.com.

The little guy will need a new one again in a few months as he grows so Smith has started a GoFundMe to help with the costs.

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“He does really well walking on his front legs, but pigs are prone to arthritis,” Smith said. “He won’t be able to do that forever. He’s only two pounds now.”

Smith plans to keep Miracle for now, until she figures out long-term plans, but she has no shortage of people calling her to buy the pig.

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