Men Who Found Duffel Bag Containing Pressure Cooker Bomb in New York Identified

The 2 men have been identified as pilots for Egypt Air.

The identities of two mystery men seen casually walking in Chelsea on the night of a bombing in the area have been revealed.

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Surveillance video showed them taking a duffel bag they found on 27th street in Manhattan and leaving behind an undetonated pressure cooker bomb.

The men have been identified as Egypt Air pilots, who have since returned to Egypt.

Authorities want to recover the duffel bag as potential evidence. They are considered witnesses, not suspects.

Federal authorities have reached out to the Egyptian government in the hopes of talking to the men, according to reports.

A woman who lives in the neighborhood later found the pressure cooker bomb on the street and called authorities. The actions of the two pilots and resident thwarted bomber Ahmad Kham Rahami’s plan to set off multiple explosions in the neighborhood on September 17.

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On September 19, Rahami, 28, was apprehended following a police shootout in New Jersey.

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