Mother Koala Saves Her Joey After It Gets Stuck on Top of Fence

A mother koala rescues her distressed joey after finding it stuck on top of a fence during a storm.

This sweet koala bear has all the koalifications of mommy of the year after she was caught on tape rescuing her scared baby after it was stuck on top of a fence.

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The fuzzy duo had been fleeing a storm in a small south Australian town, where many have been left without power due to the heavy rains and winds.

In the video, the baby’s cry for help can be heard as the mother realizes her frightened joey is in trouble. She quickly clambers back down and rushes to save her baby.

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The distressed joey attempts to climb back down the metal gate barrier, but its mother reaches and leans over, allowing the little one to jump on her back.

From there, the two slowly climbed down back to the ground together.

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After its leap of faith, the rescue mission was a success, thanks to its loving mommy.

The relieved pair safely crawled under a nearby tree for some cool shade.

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