Raising Sextuplets: Dad Opens Up About Failed Marriage

INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to the father from the reality show Raising Sextuplets about his marriage falling apart.

Jenny and Bryan Masche were devoted parents of six toddlers with a reality television show, Raising Sextuplets. But that loving family imploded following Bryan's arrest and conviction for domestic violence.

Now the vilified father speaks out only to INSIDE EDITION and reveals why he says his marriage fell apart and it's a shocker.
INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asks, "What happened?"

Bryan says, "With a heavy heart I must admit my wife has been having an extramarital affair."

The father of six says he was devastated when he learned Jenny was having an affair with her old high school boyfriend.

He says he even discovered photos of his wife kissing her former sweetheart on his wife's secret Facebook account.

"A knife in the heart isn't even a good enough description. It's like literally a piece of me has been sliced out. It's just wrong, you don't do that to people," Bryan sobs.

But that's not all. Bryan says he also found love letters and email exchanges. It says "thank you for taking the chance on loving me".

Bryan says the affair started last July while America was still watching their challenging time on Raising Sextuplets. The final straw came after an explosive argument in September, that began with a 911 call made by Jenny's father, and ended in charges of domestic violence.

"I'm worried about your kids, Bryan!" says Bryan's father-in-law.

You can hear Bryan threatening his father-in-law, while Jenny pleads with him to stop.

Bryan says, "I'll flatten you old man!"
To make matters worse, Bryan's mug shot captured him smiling. He pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of threatening and intimidating.

Moret asks, "Have you ever been violent?"

"No I have never hurt my wife, I love her," replies Bryan.

Bryan admits he has a temper but says he never raised a hand to his family.

Moret asks, "Do you think the media painted you to be some kind of a monster?"

Bryan responds, " I do believe that."

Bryan's marriage isn't the first to fall apart under the constant glare of cameras.

Like John and Kate Gosselin's break-up, the Masche's may be the latest causality of reality TV. Bryan says it was just too stressful.

Moret asks, "Do you look at doing the show as one of the biggest mistakes of you life?"

"If I could go back, I would never do a reality television show," Bryan says.

He also blames that other man for splitting up his marriage. Something Jenny denied when we caught up with her outside of court.

Jenny says it was Bryan's temper which broke apart their family and says, "Bryan and I's divorce is not because of another relationship."

Now that Jenny's filed for divorce, Bryan is left with only memories and video of his once happy family.