Friendship Goals: Teen Records Hilarious 2-Week Bromance With Baby Squirrel on Snapchat

A teenage boy in Amsterdam found a friend in a baby squirrel that he kept for 2 weeks in his home.

A baby squirrel and a teenage boy in Amsterdam have redefined the meaning of friendship goals.

Jake Smitka, 18, was doing his regular yard work when his boss mentioned there were squirrels swarming around the house after the mother of the critters had died.

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“Once I found them outside, he [the squirrel] crawled right onto my shoe” said Smitka.

Jake started noticing the small creature was following him around and after giving the matter some thought, decided to bring Wilson, or "Lil Will," home.

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

“My parents didn’t want me bringing him home at first but then they couldn’t help but to keep him after playing around with him and seeing how he was with me” Smitka said.

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Jake sheltered Baby Wilson with food and a bed in his room and would carry Lil Will around in his pocket when he had soccer games, stores and his trustee companion never left his side once.

The duo did a hilarious James Corden-inspired "Carpool Karaoke" and even combed each other’s hair.

The friendly mammal was also friends with Jakes and they were also attached to their new furry addition.

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After keeping Lil Will around for about two weeks, Smitka left the tiny squirrel in a tree, and when he returned, Lil Will was gone.

But the teen said he was glad to have such a great furry friend, even if it wasn't for very long.

“I’ll never forget the day I met this baby squirrel. He wasn’t just a squirrel to me, he was my son.”

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