Boy, 6, Responds to House Fire in Firefighter Costume and Offers to Help

"He likes to dress for the occasion," his mom said.

Like any responsible firefighter, the moment this Colorado 6-year-old saw smoke on his block, he threw on his bunker gear and responded to the scene.

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Reily was taking a stroll around his neighborhood in Aurora with his mom, Elizabeth Doi, when suddenly, he noticed smoke coming from a home nearby.

"He goes, 'Mama, mama, there's a fire, we gotta go help,'" Doi told "He likes to dress for the occasion so we walked back home, he got his outfit, and we drove over there."

Doi said they watched the fire die down in a crowd from afar, but as police officers and firefighters took notice of his tiny uniform, they flagged him over.

"Some police men said, 'Hey buddy, you're ready to help, aren't you?'" Elizabeth recalled.

Cops escorted him to the front of the line, where little Reily could watch first responders handle the scene from up close even though his mom said the fire was all but out by the time they brought him over.

"The lieutenant actually sat down and had enough time to talk to him while the rest of the firefighters gave him high fives as he was walking by," she said. "They were so nice."

Local reporter Shane Anthony, who captured the entire scene, told "His pants are clearly two sizes too short."

Despite possibly violating a uniform code, Doi said her son has since been telling friends he's the real deal.

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A few days ago, Reily's school had a fire drill, and like any mini-apprentice firefighter, he stayed calm and took a leadership role in the situation.

"He now feels like an expert," his mother said.

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