The Odd Couple: Meet the Goose Who Follows Her Owner Around Like a Dog

It is a bond unlike anything you have ever seen.

Kyle the goose thinks she's a dog. Everywhere her owner goes, she follows him around like a pooch.

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Mike Jivanjee, of Oregon, rescued Kyle when her family rejected her as a young gosling and she's been by his side ever since.

“She is my best friend,” Jivanjee told Inside Edition. “She is a celebrity everywhere.”

Kyle is even a star on social media. Her Instagram account has more than 64,000 followers.

While most days are spent boating around Lake Oswego, the duo likes to head into town once in awhile, when they do they stop traffic and get looks from passersby.

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He said: "I had a dog before, a cat but nothing weird like this."

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