Frightened Fido Rescued From Deep, Dark Well Now Rests Safe and Sound

Small, frightened dog was rescued from a deep well in India.

It may sound like a plotline from Lassie, but in this case it was the dog that fell down the well — and it had the same happy ending.

The small pooch was wet, cold and exhausted after it was found engulfed underwater and clinging to a branch for survival inside a deep well in India.

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She pleaded for help when several rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited, a creature rescue group, saved the poor pup.

One volunteer, Nandu, went into the well while tethered to a rope around his waist, and grabbed the dog in the nick of time.

He wrapped his arms around her fragile, shivering dog and carried her out to safety.

Nandu gently pet the canine to reassure her that freedom was on the way.

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Volunteers lifted both of them out of the freezing waters and brought the dog to the rescue center to keep her warm and make sure she was healthy enough to be released.

After a few hours of some much needed TLC, the precious pup felt better than ever and now has a second chance at life.

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