Golf Heckler Shows the Pros How It's Done - and Check Out His Victory Dance

The insurance salesman put his money where his mouth was when he took on the pros he was heckling.

David Johnson is the weekend golfer who put his money where his mouth was and showed pros like Rory McIlroy how to make a put.

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He became an overnight sensation after he heckled the British golfer at the Ryder Cup Thursday who couldn’t sink a particular putt.

Golfer Henrik Stenson eventually brought the insurance salesman out to the green on the practice day to make the put. Another pro golfer, Tony Rose, even said he would give him $100 if he made the shot.

Johnson told Inside Edition: “I don't know what I was thinking but I said I could make that putt, let me make that putt. And Henrik said, let's embarrass this guy and give him a shot here. I wasn't nervous until Rose made me nervous. It adds a little pressure to it when he's making bets.”

Much to the crowd's delight, the fearless spectator took up the challenge, and showed he can walk the walk about as well as he talks the talk.

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After making the putt, Johnson said: “It was about 12 feet but it felt like 112. I didn't know how excited I was till my cousin showed me the video. I went kinda nuts.”

Even the pros who challenged Johnson had to chuckle and congratulate him on the putt.

“That was my once in a lifetime golf moment. I might retire on that one,” he told Inside Edition.

He added: “I've had more selfies in the last 24 hours than I’ve had in my life.”

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