This 31-Pound Feline Lives Like a Fat Cat at Hotel, and Is a Big Hit Among Guests

"They always come over and pet him, everyone takes a picture of him. He knew how to become popular," the owner of the inn said.

He's not fat — there's just more of him to love!

Logan, a 31-pound Maine coon, often spends his days lounging around the steps of the Best Western Silver Fox Inn, although guests usually do a double take before realizing he's a cat.

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"He was a normal size when we got him," Susan Brunvand, the owner of the Waterville Valley Resort joked.

Brunvand told that Logan was adopted along with three other cats from a sanctuary six years ago.

It wasn't long before the kitty ballooned in weight.

"I do not overfeed my cat," Bunvand clarified. "It's not unusual he'll take the other cats' food, though."

She said despite all their efforts to help Logan shed some pounds, including sending him to live with a friend and changing his diet, the fat cat remained at the same weight at best.

Logan even stopped eating for several months after he was attacked by a feral cat, but Brunvand said the cat barely lost a single pound.

Even veterinarians haven't been able to determine how Logan gained as much weight as he did.

"I think he got screwed on the metabolism side of things," said Brunvand, who's been running the inn for the past 20 years.

Despite Logan's size, guests never seem to mind.

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"He does kind of make people laugh," she said. "They always come over and pet him, everyone takes a picture of him. He knew how to become popular."

Logan has even since become a highlight of the trip to many visitors to the inn, as proven by his popularity on the hotel's TripAdvisor page.

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