Casey Johnson's Tragic Decline

Just days after Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson was discovered dead in Los Angeles, it has been revealed that the socialite was living in squalor akin to that of Grey Gardens. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A wild new video was just unearthed by RadarOnline and shows the tragic descent of the heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. An off-balance Johnson exposed her friend's breasts to the camera, then stumbled and staggered and showed off her backside after a night of partying in Los Angeles.

The video was shot just two months before Johnson's tragic death, and shows that her life seemed to be spiraling out of control.

It has also been discovered that Johnson was living in squalor in a rented guest house in West Hollywood.

Her electricity service had been cut off because she couldn't pay her bill. There was no water or gas, and the New York Post reports there were rats in the pool.

"What do these living conditions tell us about Casey Johnson?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asks psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy, who is on staff for the show Celebrity Rehab 2 With Dr. Drew.

"To live like that really means that judgment is off, insight is off, you're not really able to use the essentials of life, to be able to take care of yourself," says Dr. Sophy.

The house is so run down it is being compared to Grey Gardens, the filthy home where two cousins of Jackie Onassis lived in squalor, made famous in a 1975 documentary.

Johnson's tragic decline is all the more stunning because her family is listed at #10 on the Forbes list of the richest families in America, with a net worth of $13 billion.

Like the death of actress Brittany Murphy just two weeks ago, Johnson's passing is another sad example of an out of control lifestyle that is all too common in young Hollywood.

It's being reported that police want to interview Johnson's girlfriend, Tila Tequila, based on her conflicting Twitter postings about whether Johnson was actually dead or alive after her body was discovered.

To watch RadarOnline's video of Casey Johnson, click here.