Suspects Dressed as Clowns Arrested After Armed Robbery in Taco Bell and Domino's

Two hungry suspects arrested after armed robbery in Taco Bell and Domino's.

Two 17-year-old suspects have been arrested for armed robbery that occurred in Arizona, while the dastardly duo donned clown masks.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the suspects wore the terrifying faces as they allegedly robbed Taco Bell and a Domino’s restaurants within the span of one hour.

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In a video posted to Facebook by the police department, one of the suspects can be seen entering the Domino’s restaurant and emptying a cash register while threatening the crew members with a weapon.

The masked suspect then flees the restaurant.

The suspect wearing the clown mask has been charged with three armed robberies while the second suspect was only charged with participating as the getaway driver.

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The second suspect also committed another armed robbery on his own. Their names were not revealed.

Although the suspect wearing the clown mask tried to flee from a traffic stop, he was arrested with evidence from the robberies on his person, according to police.

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