'Denzel Washington' Arrested in Assault of Mother Named Aretha Franklin

The victim and her son have no relation to their famous namesakes.

While the Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington is hoping to win big at the box office with new film The Magnificent Seven this weekend, a man with the same name is losing in the criminal justice system.

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A New York City resident named Denzel Washington, 20, took a plea deal Wednesday to harassment as a violation after he was involved in an altercation with his mother, whose name is Aretha Franklin.

According to a criminal complaint, he choked his mother outside her building on West 93rd Street in Manhattan.

The complaint, obtained by the New York Post read: "I am informed by Aretha Franklin that she observed the defendant place his hands around her neck and apply pressure, thereby causing redness, bruising and substantial pain to her neck."

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Washington was sentenced to a conditional discharge and an anger management treatment.

The 52-year-old victim is not related to the iconic soul singer and her son has no relation to the Training Day actor.

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