See This Dad's Incredible Transformation After Losing 300 Pounds and Having Excess Skin Removed

"[My wife and my son] are the reason I am here. What good would I be to them if I didn't make a change, have a heart attack, and died?" Zach Moore said.

It's hard to believe this fit Florida dad once weighed 460 pounds, but after losing a whopping 300 pounds and undergoing surgery to remove excess skin, he's unrecognizable from the man he was just a few years ago.

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Zach Moore, 35, of Pierson told that when his wife became pregnant in 2007, he started ballooning in weight, too.

Within two years, he weighed well over 300 pounds.

"It escalated from there, up until when I got sick," Moore recalled. "That's when I realized how heavy I was, when they put me on a scale at the hospital. I knew there had to be a stopping point somewhere."

Following gastric bypass surgery, he and his wife Amber embarked on a journey to lose weight, which included quitting smoking, and eliminating soda and fast food from their diets. Instead, they ate home-cooked meals, and started taking walks around their neighborhood.

"Both Amber and [my son, Zachary Jr.] are the reason I am here," Moore said. "They are my family. What good would I be to them if I didn't make a change, have a heart attack, and died?"

Within the next few years, he set new weight goals for himself to meet, and with hard work and encouragement from his family, he dropped more than 300 pounds.

Moore premiered his new body on The Doctors, a health and wellness show that supported him every step of the way.

As he showed off his new body, he also showed off the excess skin that resulted from losing nearly two-thirds of his body weight.

"I stretched my frame out," Moore explained to "It's like an elastic, you stretch it out so many times, it gets loose."

But, The Doctors had one last surprise for Moore.

"I'm here to help possibly complete that transformation and hopefully achieve your goals," plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Trevisani told Moore on the show as he announced he would perform a free excess skin removal surgery on him.

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"My confidence after the skin removal has went up 1000 percent," Moore said. "I feel like I can accomplish anything now."

He now weighs just over 140 pounds, and his goals now include completing a 5K race in under 30 minutes, and dressing up with his 8-year-old son in time to celebrate Halloween.

For more transformation stories, check local TV listings or visit The Doctors online. 

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