Accused Face-Biting Frat Boy Charged With First-Degree Murder

Austin Harrouff, 19, is set to leave the hospital where he's been since allegedly murdering two strangers in Florida.

The Florida frat boy who cops say was found gnawing off pieces of a victim's face has been charged with murder more than a month and a half since he allegedly killed two strangers and maimed a third. 

Austin Harrouff, 19, was either in a coma or unable to speak for most of his stay at St. Mary’s Hospital, leaving authorities unable to question him about the August 15 incident that left Michelle Karen Mishcon, 53, and her husband Joseph Stevens III, 59, dead in their driveway.

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However, the Florida State University student has now recovered enough to be taken to jail. Authorities said Monday that Harrouff is scheduled to be transferred to Martin County Jail Monday.

He's been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder and has no bond.

Harrouff was out to dinner with his parents when the young man stormed out of the restaurant, apparently angry over slow service.

Concerned about his behavior, the teen’s family called police and his fraternity brothers of FSU’s Alpha Delta Phi to help find him.

Police responding to a 911 call of a gruesome attack found Harrouff after he had allegedly stabbed Mishcon, 53, and Stevens, 59, to death as they sat in their Tequesta driveway. Investigators believe the attack was random.

Cops say he also attacked a good Samaritan who called 911 when he stumbled upon Harrouff biting Stevens’ face and stomach. That victim was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he was treated and released after several days.

Police said it took several deputies and a K-9 to pry Harrouff off one of his alleged victims, as the teen was “abnormally strong” during the incident and was unaffected by a Taser.

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Harrouff has tested negative for common drugs, but tests for less typical substances such as flakka — a hallucinogen sometimes referred to as “the zombie drug” — will take longer to get back from a lab in Quantico, Virginia.

If convicted, Harrouff could face the death penalty.

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