Toddler Found Between Stalks After He Was Lost in Cornfield for More Than 20 Hours

Dyton Logalbo, 3, was playing in his backyard Saturday afternoon when his mom looked up, and watched him disappear into a cornfield behind his home.

A Wisconsin community is breathing a sigh of relief after a local 3-year-old boy, who disappeared into a nearby cornfield for more than 20 hours, was found safe.

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Dyton Logalbo, 3, was playing in the backyard Saturday afternoon as his mom was gardening when he walked into a cornfield just behind his home. His mom looked up just in time to watch him disappear into the stalks, according to the Lenglade County Sheriff's Office.

Dyton's mom attempted to call to her son, and even went into the field to search for the toddler herself. When she had no luck, she contacted the sheriff's office to help locate him.

Sheriff Bill Greening told they put together a search team, including volunteer and city fire departments. Two helicopters and drones were dispatched to search for the boy from above, and volunteer search dog teams arrived to help.

Greening said more than 600 volunteers from the community banded together over the next two days to help search for the missing boy.

"I was relatively confident he was in the cornfield," Greening told "I felt confident once we had enough personnel that we'd ultimately be able to find him."

Volunteers searched overnight into Sunday, but Greening said it was still like "finding a needle in the haystack."

"It was very dense and very difficult to search in those areas," Greening said about field that was reportedly more than 100 acres, with corn stalks standing at more than seven feet tall. "We had to almost step on the child to find him, it was so thick."

On Sunday morning, 20 hours after Dyton's mother watched him disappear in the cornfield, a volunteer stumbled on the boy, sitting cross legged between the stalks, WSAW reported.

"We were walking the cornfield for about two and a half hours and so after that, everything starts to look like corn cobs and corn stalks," Tom Andraschko, the volunteer who found the boy, told WSAW. "Once we got a little closer you could tell it was arms and legs. So, I was about 20 feet away and that's when I took off running. I knew for sure it was him then."

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"He was cold, and wet and scared," Greening told "But overall, he was in good health."

The rescue team gave him granola bars, juice and water before he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Dyton was released from the hospital hours later, and returned home Sunday afternoon.

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