Gymnast Without Legs Pens Memoir on Beating the Odds and Discovering Idol Was Her Sister

Jen Bricker idolized gymnast Dominique Moceanu, and later discovered the two were sisters.

An athlete who defied the odds at every turn to become the success she is known as today has released a book about the miracle of her life to inspire others to go after what they want.

Jen Bricker’s new book, Everything Is Possible: Finding the Faith and Courage to Follow Your Dreams, charts the 28-year-old woman’s journey to become a powerhouse gymnast despite challenges along the way.

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Bricker was born without legs and put up for adoption by her biological parents — Romanian immigrants.

But Bricker said that was the best thing to ever happen to her, telling Inside Edition: "I was adopted by the parents that were supposed to have me that raised me with a mindset to do anything and to never say can't. Can't was a four letter word."

Bricker naturally took to tumbling as a child, idolizing Olympic gold medal winner Dominique Moceanu, who she looked to as inspiration.

“Oh, she looks like me and she's Romanian and I love gymnastics and she's a gymnast, so it was just all of those things on a kid level that drew me to her,” she said.

Several years later, when Jen asked her mom if she knew the name of her birth parents, Jen got the shock of her life.

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“She tells me my biological last name was Moceanu and immediately, obviously I knew what that meant,” she said. “I was flabbergasted.”

Moceanu was just as stunned.

“I was her childhood idol. I mean, how many people's childhood idols become their biological sister?” Moceanu told Inside Edition. “So it almost felt like we were living in a movie.”

The Olympic hero is both amazed — and filled with pride — at how her long-lost kid sister has beaten the odds.

“I'm really proud of her as an older sister,” she said.  

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