Lindsay Lohan Loses Finger, Has It Reattached After Boating Accident

The "Mean Girls" actress was pulling up an anchor when her finger got caught.

Lindsay Lohan saw half her ring finger cut off during a boating accident while vacationing abroad, the actress said on social media.

“I lost half my finger. Thank goodness we found the piece of my finger. I just had surgery to fix it. It hurts so bad,” Lohan wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of the bandaged digit.

She was vacationing in Turkey when part of her finger became tangled in the anchor rope.

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The bottom part of her finger was then “ripped off,” she wrote on Twitter. “It was not ‘chopped’ or ‘severed’ off.”

My poor finger,” she said in another post as she cried and laughed.

But the Mean Girls actress took the injury in stride, poking fun at herself in another post on Instagram.

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“One handed selfie,” she said in another photo.

She also paid homage to one of the films that made her a megastar, sharing a message exchange with a friend in which they joke about October 3, an important date in the film.

“#Whatdayisit” and “#mynailbeds,” she wrote on what many consider "National Mean Girls Day.”

“Same time next year,” she wrote in the message to her friend.

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