Ex-Reporter Who Quit While on the Air Could Face Up to 54 Years in Prison on Pot Charges: Cops

Charlo Green announced on air that she founded The Alaska Cannabis Club, before abruptly leaving her post to become an activist in legalizing marijuana.

A former Alaska reporter who quit her job live on the air to advocate the legal use of marijuana has been charged with running an illegal marijuana dispensary and could face a possible 54-year prison term if convicted.

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Two years ago, Charlo Greene, then an on-air reporter with KTVA in Anchorage, made headlines herself by announcing on air, "f*** it, I quit."

Greene was assigned to a story on an underground cannabis club, when, amid her report, she announced she was actually the founder of the club, before abruptly leaving her post to fight for the legalization of marijuana full time.

She won her battle later that year, when Alaska became the third state to legalize marijuana in 2014, but it wasn't without legal consequences.

"I am currently on trial for creating the Alaska Cannabis Club (ACC). Like, I am on bail right now," 28-year-old Greene said in a video posted to her website a month ago.

At the time, she was facing eight offenses that could have resulted in a possible 24 years prison term. Now, a month later, she learned that she may be charged with 14 offenses for a possible 54 years in prison if convicted.

According to a report in Broadly, the ACC allegedly allowed registered members who paid dues access to marijuana in exchange for donations.

Despite marijuana being legalized in Alaska for many years, Broadly reported the state never passed legislation on its sales.

Cops reportedly purchased marijuana undercover six times through the club in 2015, and since the club is registered under her name, Greene, who's legal name is Charlene Egbe, is the only one charged, despite other club members allegedly having taken part in the transactions.

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"It's being framed like I'm some drug dealer with pounds and pounds of weed just giving it out to everyone who will take it, and that's not the case," Greene said, according to Broadly.

Greene has pled not guilty to the charges and is currently released on bail. 

InsideEdition.com's initial attempts to reach the Regional District Attorney's Office in Anchorage for comment went unanswered. 

Greene also did not respond to an InsideEdition.com request for comment.

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