Gary Coleman's Ex-Wife Living In Filth

INSIDE EDITION gets an exclusive look inside the home where Gary Coleman's ex-wife now lives in conditions that will shock you.

Filth everywhere, trash piled high, disgusting mold, and you won't believe who INSIDE EDITION found living in a hovel. She's the ex-wife of legendary TV star, Gary Coleman

It's Shannon Price, the Different Strokes star's ex. After Coleman died last year, Price moved back to the home in Utah where she grew up. Price took INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret around her house.
"To be blunt, this looks like an episode of Hoarders," says Moret.

There is junk in every corner of the cramped one bedroom house and the decorations are still up from Christmas of 2009.

"This is your living room you still have Christmas decorations up?" asks Moret.

"Yeah, it's been up for a year," answers Price.

Price's father sleeps on a couch in the living room. The three dogs sleep on a different couch. While a room with a brick wall is actually the bedroom Price shares with her younger brother.
The entire family shares one very filthy bathroom. The porcelain sink is blackened with mold and red from rust. Toothbrushes and razors are piled up and the tub is covered with a thick film of grime. There are dusty sacks of wheat, bought who knows when, piled on the top of the cabinets which are bursting to the seams with moth-eaten boxes of food.

Moret asks, "Do you take a bath in this tub?"
"I go to a friend's house to take a shower," says Price.

The kitchen is so jammed, Price can barely squeeze inside to rinse a pot to heat a can of soup.

It's a world away from the home Price once shared with a TV legend.