Were Suspects Tipped Off Kim K. Was Alone Before Robbery Ordeal Where She Feared Rape?

The robbers bound her hands and then moved on to her ankles, at which point she reportedly believed she would be raped.

Kim Kardashian West feared she was going to be raped when she came face-to-face with masked men during a Paris armed robbery Monday that investigators suspect was an inside job, according to reports.  

The reality star realized something was wrong when she heard heavy footsteps racing up the stairs of her two-story apartment at the Hotel de Pourtalès, spotting at least one masked man and another wearing a police hat from her bedroom, TMZ reported.

Wearing only a robe, Kardashian West slipped from her bed and tried to call her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, who was with Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, but her cell phone was snatched from her hand, according to the site.

The robbers zip-tied and duct taped Kardashian West’s hands before moving on to her ankles, at which point she reportedly believed she would be raped.

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But the suspects instead picked her up and put her in a bathtub. They then put a gun to her head.

The mother-of-two reportedly begged for her life, saying she has children and that the men could take anything they wanted.   

Kardashian West’s children — 3-year-old North and 9-month-old Saint — were reportedly with their father, Kanye West, in New York City, where the rapper was performing at Citi Field when he learned of his wife’s terrifying ordeal.  

The robbers apparently demanded her jewelry, speaking in French but yelling "ring" in English. 

Kardashian West had earlier posted a photo on Instagram showing off a gigantic 20-carat ring, worth about $4.5 million. She reportedly told the robbers where to find it before the men duct taped her mouth.

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The masked men made off with $10 million in jewelry in total, escaping on bikes, authorities said.

After the ordeal, Kardashian West managed to break free and yelled for help from a balcony.

Simone Harouche, Kardashian West’s stylist and friend, was in a different room when the robbery took place, TMZ reported.

She quietly locked herself in a bathroom and called Duvier and Kourtney Kardashian, reportedly telling them to come home because something was wrong.

The bodyguard got back to the apartment two minutes after the robbers made their getaway.

Duvier released a statement about the ordeal on Tuesday, vowing to track down those responsible. 

"The events that occurred in Paris was one of the most sickening things I have seen or heard," he said. "We have tips and leads and we will find you. That I promise you ... you messed with the wrong one."

The entire incident reportedly took about six minutes and occurred during a very small window in which Kardashian West was without protection.

Friends had also been over the luxury apartment shortly before the robbery, leaving investigators and the Kardashian family to believe that the robbers knew when to strike, TMZ reported.

A long list of people involved in Paris Fashion Week reportedly knew Kardashian West’s itinerary and police are currently probing phone records of various individuals to track any suspicious activity.

Reports claim at least two of the five suspects posed as a security guard and a photographer, following Kardashian West around the city before springing into action.

One of the men is described as Caucasian, while the other is described as North African, and both speak with heavy French accents, according to reports. 

Kardashian West returned to New York to be with her family after the incident, remaining holed up in their Tribeca apartment on Tuesday. Security at the apartment was tight, as 14 guards stood outside the building.  

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