Super Bowl XLV is Almost Here

INSIDE EDITION is on the scene in Dallas as the city scrambles to prepare for the Super Bowl this weekend under an unexpected blast of winter weather.

A blast of winter weather brings Texas to a standstill, causing the cancellation of 150 flights and and turning highways into parking lots, right before Super Bowl XLV.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander is at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas where the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will play, but the bigger story is the weather. There's a lot of cleaning up to do in the next 48 hours.

Even with the snow, fans and celebrities have their ways of getting to the biggest party around.

Alexander caught up with Hugh Jackman who said,  "I'm from Australia, I didn't see snow until I was 18. I feel like I'm a little kid, yeah bring it on."

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker is lucky. She and her tennis star husband, Andy Roddick, live in Austin, which is just a three hour drive from Dallas.

Alexander asks Decker, "It's freezing, did you have trouble getting here?"

"No, but I did take a trip to Target and buy a bunch of sweatshirts and boys clothes because I didn't have any warm clothes," says Decker.

There will be no cheerleaders on the field for the first time in Super Bowl history because neither the Steelers nor the Packers have cheerleaders. So what do the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders think?

Alexander caught up with two Dallas cheerleaders and asked, "What is a Super Bowl without the cheerleaders?"

"It's disappointing, it is, we wish that we were there of course," says a Dallas cheerleader.