TV Personalities in Cocaine Baby Case Show Remorse in Court: 'We Have Learned the Greatest Lesson'

The couple walked hand-in-hand into court for their sentencing.

Two former television reporters whose baby tested positive for cocaine appeared before a judge this week, saying they have paid dearly for their mistake.

“We have learned the greatest lesson of our life and I assure you from the bottom of my heart this will never, ever, be repeated,” Som Lisaius said in an Arizona courtroom Monday.

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They were each sentenced to one year of probation and received a suspended 30-day jail term. 

He and his wife, Krystin, pleaded guilty to child endangerment this summer after they took their 4-month-old daughter to the emergency room, saying she wouldn’t eat and was lethargic. 

Urine tests showed the child had cocaine in her system. Krystin eventually told police she had snorted the drug the night before during a party at the family’s home.

She told authorities she breast-fed her baby 12 hours later, thinking it was safe to do so.

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The Tucson TV personalities both lost their on-air jobs over the incident. Their baby, who is doing fine now, is in the custody of a grandmother.

“We all make mistakes,” their attorney said outside court Monday. “They’ve learned to appreciate the gift of their child.”

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